MLB and NFL Ask Supreme Court to Take Up Aereo Web Service Case

Major League Baseball and the National Football League have submitted a “Friend of the Court” Brief asking the Supreme Court to take up the Aereo TV web service case.  Both MLB and the NFL have threatened to take their broadcasts off free TV if Aereo wins.

Adobe Breach Affects More than Just Adobe Accounts

It turns out the recent major Adobe account breach not only affected Adobe account passwords, but also gave the hackers access to user’s email addresses and other information.  Thus, the hackers had information necessary to access bank accounts, accounts on social media sites, including Facebook and even garage door openers.

Update – Facebook went so far as to lock down those users who used the same password for Facebook as they did for Adobe.

Tip of the Week: Clearing Your Browser’s Cache


It is a problem that has plagued website maintainers for almost two decades: the webmaster updates a page on the website, but a visitor still sees the old version of the page showing in the browser window.

The problem is a web browser’s ability to remember pages it has visited. The first time it visits a page, the browser saves a copy of the page to its cache. On subsequent visits, in order to save time, disk space, and energy, the browser often simply shows to the cached version of the page.

Each browser has a tool users may employ to fix their cache problems. This article focuses on the quick methods for clearing your browser’s cache. Continue reading

iOS7 Is a Favorite Among Police

Apple’s new iOS7 includes an “Activation Lock”.  If a user has “Find My IPhone” activated on their device, it requires an Apple ID username and password to turn off “Find My IPhone”, before a person can reactivate or erase the iOS device.

“Activation Lock” makes it much more difficult for thieves to steal iPads or iPhones, which makes the NYPD very happy.  NYPD has even posted flyers encouraging iPhone and iPad users to upgrade to iOS7.

Tip of the Week – Backup Your iPhone/iPad in Advance of iOS 7.0

With iOS 7.0 being available starting tomorrow, Wednesday September 18, now may be a good time to make sure you have backed up your iPhone/iPad.   Here is a link to an article on CultofMac to show you how to either perform a manual backup or backup using iCloud (make sure you have turned iCloud on first in your settings on your iPhone/iPad).

Can You Really Be Anonymous Online?

Reblogged from MakeUseOf. Article by James Bruce.
We all have things we’d rather not tell the world about — whether that be a flagrant disregard for copyright law, a penchant for specialist videos, or a desire to simply stay out of Big Brother’s ever-probing eye. Whatever the reason, I think it’s about time we clear up a few things about anonymity online — and answer once and for all, whether it’s really possible. We’ve already tackled the topic of why email can never be secure from government surveillance, but I think  it is worth tackling the Internet as a whole.
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Law Student/Security Researcher Builds Spying Tool and Publishes Results

Brendan O’ Connor, a University of Wisconsin Law Student, built a $57 Wi-Fi Spying tool using a Raspberry PI computer and Wi-Fi adapters.  His results using the homemade built spying tool are astonishing and scary.  O’Connor is also an IT security researcher having previously worked for DARPA, Verisign and Sun Microsystems. He is presenting his results at two IT security conferences in Las Vegas this year.